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MASH MY WEEK! Summary of the outstanding Internet, Technology and Social Media news for the week 16-21 January

01/23/2012by:Silvina Moschini , President and Founder of TransparentBusiness

In this edition of Mash My Week! we introduce you to Facebook’s new applications for your status updates . We’ll also be talking about the new interactive books for iPad and the new platform Apple has launched to create them. Finally, we announce the YouTube Film Festival organized by the video portal. We await your comments!

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iPad To Rule The Business World

10/13/2010by:Silvina Moschini , President and Founder of TransparentBusiness

iPad is set to become as popular if not overtake the importance of laptops in span of merely two years. With its unique combination of portable size, powerful functionality and real-time communications on the go, it improves productivity, time management and decision-making.

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