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Online marketing: How to make the most of the new YouTube

03/08/2012by:Silvina Moschini , President and Founder of TransparentBusiness

While audiovisual consumption makes up more than half of Internet traffic, its star platform has become more professional and more ‘sociable’. What are the main changes and how do they influence the advertising of products and services?

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YouTube: the best-kept secret in social media marketing

11/10/2011by:Silvina Moschini , President and Founder of TransparentBusiness

Old Spice, Ford, and Blendtec have developed successful campaigns designed exclusively for broadcast on YouTube. The video portal is an efficient tool for cultivating the loyalty of consumers, encouraging their participation, and reinforcing their commitment to the brand. 

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The Quiet Social Media Revolution: the growing importance of user-generated feedback and its impact on corporate reputation and consumer behavior

08/06/2010by:Silvina Moschini , President and Founder of TransparentBusiness

The explosion of social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter continues to receive endless media coverage and the attention of PR professionals and marketers. But another social media revolution is well underway, lurking quietly in the shadows of the web.