YouTube: the best-kept secret in social media marketing

11/10/2011 -by:Silvina Moschini , CEO & Founder, Intuic | The Social Media Agency

Old Spice, Ford, and Blendtec have developed successful campaigns designed exclusively for broadcast on YouTube. The video portal is an efficient tool for cultivating the loyalty of consumers, encouraging their participation, and reinforcing their commitment to the brand. 

While you are reading this text, millions of people around the world are watching or uploading videos on YouTube. The most recent statistics reveal that Internet users upload the equivalent of 48 hours of content to this Google platform every minute. Furthermore, around 3000 million YouTube videos are viewed every day.

YouTube has become almost as fundamental and essential as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for developing an online marketing campaign. Of course, it is a platform that needs more production effort and a relatively higher marketing budget. Nevertheless, the truth is that its penetration and impact make it an inevitable option for brands, since it has yielded excellent results for small, medium, and large companies.

Important companies like Old Spice and Ford have already developed successful campaigns designed exclusively for broadcast on YouTube that can be taken as examples for any brand that wants to develop an effective online media campaign. 

In the case of the male fragrance company, their original video series, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, has 35 million views so far. In addition, more than 100 comments were generated from Internet users’ interactions, each with an average of approximately 100,000 views. 

As to Ford, the American automotive industry giant created an original video series called The Fiesta Movement. They gave 100 new Fiesta to young people who had “a strong presence on the web, the ability to tell appealing stories on video, and a craving for adventure.” In return, the participants carried out “missions” with their cars, usually journeys or a visits to tourist sites, filmed them, and uploaded them to their YouTube profiles. The campaign was a complete success: Ford achieved 4.3 million hits on the social network, sold 10,000 units of the new car during its first six days on sale, and 500,000 during the first year.

Blendtec Case

The most interesting case, without a doubt, is that of Blendtec, a small American company dedicated to the manufacture of blenders. The company was relatively well known among gastronomic professionals, but had not been able to penetrate strongly into the home consumers’ market. However, the brand became a real hit in the online universe and was able to position its home equipment line thanks to a YouTube promotion called Will it blend?

The campaign consisted of a series of original videos starring the president of the company, Tom Dickson. Dressed as a sort of scientist working in his lab, he demonstrated his products blending strange objects such as golf balls, a rake, and an iPhone or iPad 2. The campaign that began with a budget of $50 achieved a resounding success, Dickson became an online celebrity, and Blendtec sales showed an incredible growth of about 500%.

As users spend more time online and turn to the web for their daily consumption of media, brands must intensify their creativity and keep looking for original alternatives to differentiate themselves from their competitors. In this respect, the audiovisual content networks like YouTube are showing a high degree of efficiency, especially as tools to cultivate the loyalty of Internet users, encourage their participation, and strengthen brand loyalty. This can be translated into excellent results for brands in terms of visibility and commercial results.