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Silvina Moschini SILVINA MOSCHINI Founder of Yandiki + SheWorks!

Widely known by technology media as @Miss_Internet, Silvina Moschini is a CEO, commentator and a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about transforming the world of work in the digital economy. Her latest venture is a social impact startup called SheWorks! – a virtual platform that empowers women to achieve financial independence and helps them find remote-based flexible work.

Silvina is an Endeavor.org Entrepreneur – a select member of a non-profit organization that supports high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. Endeavor screens more than 45,000 applicants annually to select and support those it feels has the potential to transform industries, communities and countries. To date, the organization’s 1,000+ Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created 500,000+ high-value jobs and generated 07.7 billion.

Silvina’s background includes both senior corporate executive roles at Visa International and Compaq Computer Corporation and entrepreneurial experience as well. She was also part of the leadership team of early internet start-up Patagon that exited in 2000 in 785 million dollars. As an entrepreneur herself, she took her passion for cloud technology, the ‘gig’ economy and data analytics and became a co-founder of TransparentBusiness - a web-based solution for managing distributed teams selected by PC World award as the Best Cloud Computing Solution for Enterprise and it is poised to transform the way companies manage their remote teams.

Further expanding her vision to disrupt the work market, Silvina founded Yandiki, an online platform that connects vetted creative talent with companies seeking on-demand support. The solution helps companies to adapt their creative resource model to meet future work trends by helping them access vetted talent and help them monitor, manage, rate and pay team members in the cloud. CitiGroup selected her platform as a Top People Management Solution in 2015.

Silvina shares her passion for creating a smarter way to work in an internet-based future at speaking engagements across the U.S. and Latin America, empowering women and encouraging other entrepreneurs, influencers and executives to think creatively about how to create a smarter world of work. She was selected by CNN Espanol as Women of the Week, she is a permanent expert contributor on the #Opinion 2.0 segment on CNN Español, as well as a commentator on networks such as CCTV and NTN24. Silvina’s columns can be read in Forbes, La Vanguardia, and CIO among over a 100 media outlets from around the world.

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bookNowadays, the Internet and social networks play a key role in business and communications. But how can companies maximize and capitalize on the benefits of Internet?


quotesIt´s a recommended book for users who work (or want to) in Social Media management. It offers business examples, tools and tips to apply. It´s a real tutorial.quotes

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Whether on TV or online, my specialties are social media and Internet technologies, Latin America, and PR in the digital age.


Daniel Peiretti

Business Development Director - Americas at Avaya

quoteSilvina’s work and contribution has been very valuable. Her work ethics and attention to detail is one of her key strenghts. Her deep knowledge in areas of P.R., customer portals and how to address customer needs are
remarkable. Silvina is an excellent executive who can be trusted to lead a team (direct or virtual) to execute the most complex job/tasks and achieve extraordinary results.quote

Constancio Larguia


quoteWhen we worked with Silvina during our Patagon.com launch, the whole team benefited thanks to her leadership, enthusiasm and creative thinking. Her absolute understanding of the communication strategy our company needed to articulate was the key factor in our business growth, which resulted in the acquisition of Patagon.com by Banco Santander for more than 700 million USD.quote

Leonardo Ortiz Villacorta

Director of Public Affairs & Communications

quoteI’ve had the pleasure of working with Silvina on various projects for several years now. She is not only an
expert on her field, but also a very creative and personable communications professional, who develops deep
insight about her customers’ business quickly. Her PR and social media savvy has been key to the success of
large scale international communications projects, involving coordination of a group of senior professionals in
various geographies. If you are seeking to innovate in the field of communications and customer connections, I
recommend her firm and her leadership anytime.quote