Silvia Moschini



  • CNN Español Expert Contributor
  • International Speaker
  • Entrepreneur

My Businesses

At the crossroads of online visibility, social media, and business management technology, I am a CEO, entrepreneur, speaker and expert commentator. I keep everyone thinking creatively about the latest tools and benefits the Internet has to offer.

  • KMGi

    Founded in 1997, KMGi Group is a winner of numerous awards for excellence in innovation and interactive production.

  • TransparentBusiness

    TransparentBusiness® is a SaaS platform to access, hire, monitor, manage rate and pay distributed remote workforce.

  • Yandiki

    Yandiki® is a cloud-based staffing company that facilitates the hiring and management of creative talent.

  • SheWorks!


    SheWorks!® is a global platform that enables women to find work in a way that works for them, flexibly and remotely.

My Videos

Silvina Moschini at the Pictet Summit of Entrepreneurs, Geneva 2017

Silvina Moschini is the President of TransparentBusiness and CEO of Yandiki and SheWorks. Designated by Citigroup as the "Top People Management Solution”, our platform greatly increases productivity of remote work, protects from overbilling, allows for easy monitoring and coordination of geographically distributed workforce and provides real-time information on the cost and status of all tasks and projects, see Our Yandiki agency provides remote IT and creative talent, greatly reducing labor costs of its clients. Yandiki talent is skilled, curated and tested and can be accessed transparently and on-demand, see and SheWorks! provides women with flexible work-from-home opportunities, helping women with children to remain productive and economically independent. SheWorks! uses advanced Cloud technology, computer learning, and data analytics to help companies to hire, manage, rate and pay such remote workers with ease, reducing gender gap common to many industries, see