Silvia Moschini



  • CNN Español Expert Contributor
  • Internet Expert
  • Entrepreneur

My Businesses

At the crossroads of online visibility, social media, and business management technology, I am a CEO, entrepreneur, speaker and expert commentator. I keep everyone thinking creatively about the latest tools and benefits the Internet has to offer.

  • INTUICThe Social Media Agency


    Digital Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Online Visibility, Marketing on Mobile Devices...

  • KMGi


    Founded in 1997, KMGi Group is a winner of numerous awards for excellence in interactive production...

  • TransparentBusiness


    TransparentBusiness® application was developed by KMGi as a radical new way to oversee workflow in real time...

  • Yandiki


    Yandiki® is a Cloud-based digital services company that facilitates the hiring and transparent management...

My Videos

Iberian Tech Tour 2014 Interview with Silvina Moschini of Intuic

The Tech Tour is a platform and a community for Innovative Investors, Hi tech Entrepreneurs (from early to late stage), Corporates and Government Influencers. The Tech Tour organization is committed to the development of emerging technology companies from Europe.