Silvia Moschini



  • CNN Español Expert Contributor
  • International Speaker
  • Entrepreneur

My Businesses

At the crossroads of online visibility, social media, and business management technology, I am a CEO, entrepreneur, speaker and expert commentator. I keep everyone thinking creatively about the latest tools and benefits the Internet has to offer.

  • KMGi

    Founded in 1997, KMGi Group is a winner of numerous awards for excellence in innovation and interactive production.

  • TransparentBusiness

    TransparentBusiness® is a SaaS platform to access, hire, monitor, manage rate and pay distributed remote workforce.

  • Yandiki

    Yandiki® is a cloud-based staffing company that facilitates the hiring and management of creative talent.

  • SheWorks!


    SheWorks!® is a global platform that enables women to find work in a way that works for them, flexibly and remotely.

My Videos

Intel avanza en la investigación informática cuántica y neuromórfica (In Spanish)

Intel ha anunciado un chip cuántico de 49 bits en CES 2018, que su CEO Brian Krzanich calificó como un gran avance en computación cuántica y el siguiente paso hacia la “supremacía cuántica”. Silvina Moschini CEO de Yandiki hablo de ello en CNN en Español.